Tiger Cruise

Tiger Cruise (2004)

Length:87.5 minutes
Maddie Dolan is tired of being labeled a '??Navy brat'? and decides to convince her dad to give up his military career to stay at home. She seizes the opportunity to petition him by participating in Operation Tiger, a weeklong tour where sailors'?? families join them for operations aboard a ship. When Maddie'??s plan is interrupted by the events of September 11th, she sees firsthand the courage, honor and commitment her father has not only for his country, but for her as well.
IMDB Rating6.2/10 stars from 1166
ActorsHayden Panettiere (Maddie)
Troy Evans (Chuck Horner)
Bianca Collins (Tina)
Nathaniel Lee Jr. (Anthony)
Mercedes Colon (Grace)
Mehcad Brooks (Kenny)
Duwayne Dunham
Bill Borden