The Clearing

The Clearing (2004)

Length:94.4 minutes
Rating:M Violence and offensive language
Wayne and Eileen Hayes (Robert Redford, Helen Mirren) appear to be living the American dream until Wayne is kidnapped in broad daylight from their peaceful Pittsburgh estate. Suddenly, the man who at one point prided himself on being a cunning negotiator finds his fate resting in the hands of a kidnapper (Willem Dafoe) who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
IMDB Rating5.8/10 stars from 13262
ActorsRobert Redford (Wayne Hayes)
Helen Mirren (Eileen Hayes)
Willem Dafoe (Arnold Mack)
Alessandro Nivola (Tim Hayes)
Matt Craven (Agent Ray Fuller)
Melissa Sagemiller (Jill Hayes)
Pieter Jan Brugge
Kim Honeyman
Jonah Smith
Palmer West