The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers (2004)

Length:105 minutes
Rating:M Violence and offensive language
Academy Award(R)-winning Tom Hanks turns in a hilariously original performance in THE LADYKILLERS, the laugh-out-loud comedy that explodes with outrageous wit and slapstick humor from the Coen Brothers. Underneath Professor G.H. Dorr's (Hanks) silver-tongued southern gentleman persona is a devious criminal who has assembled a motley gang of thieves to commit the heist of the century by tunneling through his churchgoing landlady's root cellar to a casino's vault of riches. But these cons are far from pros. As their scheme begins blowing up in their faces, their landlady smells a rat. And when she threatens to call the police, they figure they'll just bump her off. After all, how hard can that be? Wickedly funny from start to finish, it would be a crime to miss THE LADYKILLERS.
IMDB Rating6.2/10 stars from 100061
ActorsTom Hanks (Professor G.H. Dorr)
Irma P. Hall (Marva Munson)
Marlon Wayans (Gawain MacSam)
J.K. Simmons (Garth Pancake)
Tzi Ma (The General)
Ryan Hurst (Lump)
Joel Coen
Ethan Coen
Tom Jacobson
Barry Sonnenfeld
Barry Josephson