Go Figure

Go Figure (2005)

Length:88.9 minutes
Fourteen-year-old Katelin Kingsford has dedicated every moment of her life to the fiercely competitive world of figure skating. When renowned Russian figure skating coach Natasha Goberman offers Katelin a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train at the private academy where she teaches, Katelin will sacrifice anything and everything. What she doesn't understand is why she must join the girls' hockey team to obtain the only scholarship to the school. She also has to keep her figure skating aspirations a secret from her teammates, who make fun of "twirl girls." Can the graceful Katelin score points in the rough-and-tumble world of hockey?
IMDB Rating5.8/10 stars from 3369
ActorsJordan Hinson (Katelin Kingsford)
Whitney Sloan (Hollywood)
Cristine Rose (Natasha Goberman)
Christine Rose (Natasha)
Ryan Malgarini (Bradley Kingsford)
Tania Gunadi (Mojo)
Amy Halloran (Ronnie)
Francine McDougall
Don Schain
Sheri Singer