The Proud Family Movie

The Proud Family Movie (2005)

Length:95.4 minutes
Penny Proud is almost 16 years old, but her dad, Oscar, still treats her like a child. First she's told she can't be one of the dancers in the upcoming hip-hop half-time show starring hot teen rapper 15 Cent. And now, instead of celebrating her sweet 16th birthday with her friends, she has to go on a boring vacation to the tropical Legume Island with her family. But it turns out the island is full of mysteries. The evil Dr. Carver has lured them there in hopes of stealing Oscar's super-secret Instant Everlasting Multiplying Formula. With it, he hopes to take over the world. While Oscar, mom Trudy, grandma Suga Mama, and her twin brothers fight to escape from the doctor's clutches, Penny embarks on Operation: Family Liberation, outwits some clones, stars in the halftime show, saves the world, and realizes she really does appreciate her unique and loving family.
IMDB Rating5.4/10 stars from 1505
ActorsTommy Davidson (Oscar Proud)
Kyla Pratt (Penny Proud)
Paula Parker (Trudy Proud)
Paula Jai Parker (Trudy Proud)
Jo Payton (Suga Mama)
Jo Marie Payton (Suga Mama)
Orlando Brown (Sticky)
Soleil Frye (Zoey)
Soleil Moon Frye (Zoey)
Bruce Smith
Bruce W. Smith
Chris Young