The Ringer

The Ringer (2005)

Length:94.6 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language and sexual references
Steve Barker, a young man desperate to help out a friend in need and an uncle with a gambling debt, pretends to be mentally challenged in order to fix Special Olympics. Much to his surprise, the Special Olympic athletes are not only better athletes then he imagined, but are onto his ruse. With the help of his new friends, he becomes a better athlete and a better person.
IMDB Rating5.8/10 stars from 35404
ActorsJohnny Knoxville (Steve Barker)
Brian Cox (Gary Barker)
Katherine Heigl (Lynn Sheridan)
Jed Rees (Glen)
Geoffrey Arend (Winston)
Bill Chott (Thomas)
Edward Barbanell (Billy)
Barry W. Blaustein
Barry Blaustein
Bobby Farrelly
Peter Farrelly
John Jacobs
Bradley Thomas