Casanova (2005)

Length:113.1 minutes
Rating:M Sexual references
Heath Ledger stars in the scandalously funny adventure CASANOVA. After a lifetime of women falling head over heels in love with him, the world's legendary ladies' man (Ledger) meets the love of his life -- the one woman who thinks he's a total heel. Comic chaos ensues in a hilarious whirl of misadventures, disguises, and mistaken identities as the love-struck Casanova tries to win the heart of the fiery feminist who wants nothing to do with the man she thinks he is.
IMDB Rating6.5/10 stars from 52345
ActorsHeath Ledger (Casanova)
Sienna Miller (Francesca)
Jeremy Irons (Pucci)
Oliver Platt (Paprizzio)
Lena Olin (Andrea)
Omid Djalili (Lupo)
Lasse Hallström
Mark Gordon
Betsy Beers
Leslie Holleran