Read It and Weep

Read It and Weep (2006)

Length:85 minutes
When her journal is accidentally published and becomes an overnight success, Jamie cannot help but get caught up in her newfound celebrity status. Between book signings, interviews and her new boyfriend, Jamie struggles to find a balance between her old life and her new one. She doesn'??t want to lose her friends or change who she is, but she can't escape "IS," the star of her novel'??and her alter ego'??who is pushing her to embrace her life as a celebrity.
IMDB Rating5.5/10 stars from 5129
ActorsKay Panabaker (Jamie Bartlett)
Jason Dolley (Connor)
Robin Riker (Diana)
Marquise C. Brown (Lindsay)
Tom Virtue (Ralph Bartlett)
Allison Scagliotti (Sawyer)
Alexandra Krosney (Harmony)
Danielle Panabaker (IS)
Paul Hoen
Don Schain