Day Watch

Day Watch (2006)

Length:131.1 minutes
Rating:R16 Horror scenes and violence
Russia has been infiltrated by vampires and shape-shifters whose shaky truce is threatened when a conflicted special cop's son tips the balance toward evil. The "Watchman" fights the occult on a second front when he must prevent the destiny-altering "Chalk of Fate" from falling into the wrong hands.
IMDB Rating6.5/10 stars from 33551
Actors?онс?ан?ин Хабенский (Ан?он ?о?оде?ский)
?а?ия ?о?о?ина (Све?лана)
?ладими? ?ен??ов (?ессе?)
?алина Т?нина (?л?га)
?ик?о? ?е?жби?кий (?ав?лон)
?анна Ф?иске (Алиса)