The Sandlot: Heading Home

The Sandlot: Heading Home (2007)

Length:97 minutes
Rating:PG Mild coarse language, Mild crude humour
An egotistical, bitter baseball star is sent back in time to his 12 year old self and rediscovers his love of the game as he plays on the local sandlot. With the sandlot at risk from a greedy developer, this time he remains loyal to his friends and not only saves the sandlot, but becomes the person he'd hoped to be, changing the course of his life.
IMDB Rating5/10 stars from 1805
ActorsDanny Nucci (Benny)
Luke Perry (Tommy Santorelli)
Keanu Pires (Young Tommy)
Sarah Deakins (Sara Santorelli)
Chauncey Leopardi (Squints)
Brandon Olds (Two Ton)
William Dear
Jon Kuyper