Jump In!

Jump In! (2007)

Length:86.8 minutes
Brooklyn teenager Izzy Daniels (Corbin Bleu) is training to become a boxing champ'??because that's his dad's dream. But he's intrigued by the cool moves involved in Double Dutch and agrees to help out his neighbor Mary (Keke Palmer) when she needs a fourth member on her jump rope team. The sport takes more talent and teamwork than Izzy ever expected, and along the way, he learns it's more important to follow his own heart.
IMDB Rating5.4/10 stars from 6950
ActorsCorbin Bleu (Izzy Daniels)
David Reivers (Kenneth Daniels)
Shanica Knowles (Shauna Keaton)
Laivan Greene (Keisha Ray)
Kylee Russell (Karin Daniels)
Patrick Johnson Jr. (Rodney Tyler)
Paul Hoen
Kevin Lafferty