Snowglobe (2007)

Length:90.5 minutes
Rating:G Very mild coarse language
Angela yearns for the kind of picture-perfect world she sees inside her Christmas snow globe. That night, she finds herself transported to the winter wonderland called Snow Globe, where people welcome her with neatly wrapped presents and freshly baked cookies. When she awakens with a trinket from Snow Globe, she realizes it was not a dream. Delighted, Angela returns to Snow Globe more and more often'??until she realizes her choices in this '??perfect'? world are taking away its innocence. Now, she must take drastic measures to undo her negative effects...while still maintaining a little magic in her life.
IMDB Rating6/10 stars from 2256
ActorsChristina Milian (Angela Moreno)
Erin Karpluk (Claire)
Hilda Doherty (Ms. Fiorella)
Jason Schombing (Donny)
James Kot (Max)
Andrew Krivanek (Delivery Man)
Ron Lagomarsino
Craig McNeil