Waitress (2007)

Length:108.3 minutes
Rating:M Sex scenes
Jenna is unhappily married, squirreling away money, and hoping to win a pie baking contest so, with the prize money, she'll have enough cash to leave her husband earl. She finds herself pregnant, which throws her plans awry. She bakes phenomenal pies at Joe's Diner, listens to old Joe's wisdom, tolerates her sour boss Cal, is friends with Dawn and Becky (her fellow waitresses), and finds a mutual attraction with the new doctor in town. As the pregnancy advances, life with Earl seems less tolerable, a way out less clear, and the affair with the doctor complicated by his marriage.
IMDB Rating7/10 stars from 44028
ActorsKeri Russell (Jenna)
Nathan Fillion (Dr. Pomatter)
Cheryl Hines (Becky)
Jeremy Sisto (Earl)
Eddie Jemison (Ogie)
Andy Griffith (Old Joe)
Lew Temple (Cal)
Adrienne Shelly
Michael Roiff