The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Length:90.1 minutes
Rating:R18 Graphic violence and sexual violence
What started with the Carter family, clearly didn'??t end with the Carter family. The Yuma Flats Training and Testing Facility in New Mexico is sixteen hundred square miles of forbidding desert and mountains used by the U.S. military to test everything from weapons to men. It'??s there that National Guard soldiers barely halfway through their basic training, are given a routine mission that will change their lives forever. After spotting what seems to be a distress signal flashing from the mountain that looms above them, their sergeant decides to take them all on a search and rescue mission. Now, the National Guard soldiers must face a fierce battle against the cannibalistic mutants that hide in the deserted hills of New Mexico.
IMDB Rating5.1/10 stars from 61124
ActorsMichael McMillian (Napoleon)
Jessica Stroup (Amber)
Jacob Vargas (Crank)
Flex Alexander (Sarge)
Lee Thompson Young (Delmar)
Daniella Alonso (Missy)
Martin Weisz
Wes Craven
Marianne Maddalena
Peter Locke