I Think I Love My Wife

I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

Length:93.6 minutes
Rating:M Violence, sexual references and offensive language
Richard Cooper (Chris Rock), a successful investment banker with a beautiful, intelligent wife and two gorgeous kids at home, would seem to have it all. However, between the daily commutes from the suburbs to New York City, the endless business meetings, the kids'?? diapers, and the Wiggles on TV, there'??s only one thing on Richard'??s mind: women.
IMDB Rating5.5/10 stars from 16480
ActorsChris Rock
Kerry Washington (Nikki Tru)
Gina Torres (Brenda Cooper)
Steve Buscemi (George)
Edward Herrmann (Mr. Landis)
Cassandra F. Freeman (Jennifer)
Welker White (Mary)
Lisa Stewart