Primeval (2007)

Length:95.1 minutes
Rating:R16 Violence, offensive language and horror
Inspired by the true story of a legendary 25-foot man-eating crocodile comes the intense, terrifying horror movie Primeval, starring Dominic Purcell and Orlando Jones. An American news crew, determined to capture this voracious monster and stop his demonic rampage, travel deep within the darkest reaches of the African jungle to hunt their prey. But Gustave, as the natives call him, is also on the hunt - always on the move, always elusive, always hungry for human flesh. Heart-pounding fear is nonstop in this edge-of-your-seat nail-biter about the cunning killer who continues to blaze his blood-soaked trail of terror.
IMDB Rating7.3/10 stars from 13470
ActorsDominic Purcell (Tim Manfrey)
Orlando Jones (Steven Johnson)
Brooke Langton (Aviva Masters)
J├╝rgen Prochnow (Jacob Krieg)
Michael Katleman
Gavin Polone