Bolt (2008)

Length:98 minutes
Get ready for the most paws-itively awesome adventure ever. Bolt is the star of the biggest show in Hollywood. The problem is, he thinks it'??s real. After he'??s accidentally shipped to New York City and separated from his costar and owner Penny, Bolt springs into action, determined to unleash his mind-blowing '??super powers'? to defeat evil and find his way back to her. Experience all the high-flying, death-defying stunts of Bolt and his sidekicks as they set off on their incredible journey and action-packed quest'??where Bolt discovers you don'??t need super powers to be a hero.
IMDB Rating6.8/10 stars from 189640
ActorsJohn Travolta (Bolt)
Miley Cyrus (Penny)
Susie Essman (Mittens)
Mark Walton (Rhino)
Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Calico)
James Lipton (The Director)
Chris Williams
Byron Howard
Clark Spencer