Hatching Pete

Hatching Pete (2009)

Length:90.3 minutes
The true identity of Brewster High's mascot, The Chicken, is the big mystery. Cleatus (Mitchel Musso) can't quit being the mascot even though he's allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley) to secretly fill in. Although Pete is kind of shy in real life, he's outrageously funny behind the beak. And when The Chicken becomes a huge celebrity'??not to mention a chick magnet'??Pete must decide if and when he's ready to break out of his shell.
IMDB Rating5.4/10 stars from 2324
ActorsJason Dolley (Pete Ivey)
Mitchel Musso (Cleatus Poole)
Tiffany Thornton (Jamie Wynn)
Josie Loren (Angela Morrissey)
Sean O'Bryan (Leon Ivey)
Amy Farrington (Doris Ivey)
Stuart Gillard
Randy Sutter