Skyrunners (2009)

Length:92.6 minutes
Rating:PG Mild fantasy themes and violence
Teenage brothers Tyler and Nick Burns take the ride of their lives when they uncover a crashed UFO near their town. Tyler and Nick commandeer the small spacecraft and soon learn that not only is the ship itself "alive," but Tyler is developing otherworldly abilities. When the brothers ultimately uncover an evil alien plot, Tyler is captured. With the help of the UFO, Nick must venture into the aliens' lair to rescue his brother...and Earth.
IMDB Rating5/10 stars from 1096
ActorsKelly Blatz (Nick Burns)
Joey Pollari (Tyler Burns)
Conrad Coates (Agent Armstrong)
Jacqueline Wood (Julie Gunn)
Jacqueline Macinnes Wood (Julie Gunn)
Nathan Stephenson (Darryl Butler)
Kerry Laifatt (Tori Chadwick)
Ralph Hemecker
Janine Dickins
Peter Bray