Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws (2009)

Length:92.9 minutes
The Buddies, Disney's irresistible talking puppies, return in a heartwarming holiday adventure in the magical world of the North Pole. When Puppy Paws, the feisty son of Santa Paws, forgets the true meaning of the season, it's up to the Buddies to remind him that the Christmas spirit is about things you can't wrap in a box or tie with a bow. Join Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and MudBud in this classic Christmas tale that will have you believing in miracles.
ActorsChristopher Lloyd (Stan Cruge)
Danny Woodburn (Eli the Elf)
Craig Anton (Bob)
Michael Teigen (Sheriff Dan)
Ben Giroux (Clark)
Paul Rae (Hank)
Robert Vince
Anna McRoberts