Post Grad

Post Grad (2009)

Length:88.7 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language and sexual references
Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) has a master plan. Graduate college, get a great job, hang out with her best friend (Zach Gilford) and find the perfect guy. But her plan spins hilariously out of control when she'??s forced to move back home with her eccentric family. By the time she lands her dream job, Ryden realizes it'??s meaningless without the man of her dreams...and the people she loves. Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch ('??Glee'?) and Carol Burnett co-star in this offbeat romantic comedy that proves you can still end up on top, even when your life is turned upside-down!
IMDB Rating5.3/10 stars from 13770
ActorsAlexis Bledel (Ryden Malby)
Zach Gilford (Adam Davies)
Michael Keaton (Walter Malby)
Jane Lynch (Carmella Malby)
Bobby Coleman (Hunter Malby)
Carol Burnett (Grandma Maureen)
Vicky Jenson
Joe Medjuck
Jeffrey Clifford
Ivan Reitman