Disney Den Brother

Disney Den Brother (2010)

Length:89.6 minutes
When high school hockey star Alex Pearson (Hutch Dano) gets suspended from his team after showboating during a game, his penalty is to swap skates for a beret: he must become a leader for his younger sister Emily's (Genevieve Hannelius) Bumble Bee Troop. Masquerading as "Mrs. Zamboni," Alex helps the girls in his troop earn badges; in return, they help him earn a date with his biggest crush...who also happens to be a Senior Bumble Bee.
ActorsHutch Dano (Alex Pearson)
G. Hannelius (Emily Pearson)
Maurice Godin (Professor Pearson)
David Lambert (Danny "Goose" Gustavo)
Kelsy Chow (Matisse)
Debra Mooney (Mrs. Jacklitz)
Mark Taylor
Don Schain