Flicka 2

Flicka 2 (2010)

Length:96.2 minutes
Rating:G The content is very mild in impact
When her grandmother is diagnosed with dementia, skateboarder Carrie McLaughlin is forced to leave the pavement of the big city behind to go live with her estranged father on his horse ranch in Wyoming. While putting in her time at the ranch, Carrie makes an unlikely friendship with a wild horse named Flicka who is just as unhappy and alone as Carrie. When Flicka is taken away and her life is in jeopardy, Carrie will stop at nothing to bring Flicka home safely where she belongs.
ActorsPatrick Warburton (Hank McLaughlin)
Tammin Sursok (Carrie McLaughlin)
Clint Black (Toby)
Reilly Dolman (Jake)
Emily Tennant (Amy)
Ted Whittall (HD Walker)
Michael Damian
Connie Dolphin