Spooky Buddies

Spooky Buddies (2011)

Length:91.8 minutes
Disney'??s irresistible talking puppies are heading far across town to a mysterious mansion where something very unusual is going on. With the help of some unexpected new friends, including a friendly ghost, this spooktacular adventure is howling-good Buddy fun. In a race against a no-good hound, the Buddies and their new friends---Pip, Zelda, Rodney and Skip---must stop Warwick the Warlock and save the world from his dastardly deeds. Overflowing with action and humor, Spooky Buddies treats you to a celebration of friendship and teamwork your whole family will enjoy.
IMDB Rating4.6/10 stars from 1569
ActorsTucker Albrizzi (Bartleby)
Diedrich Bader (Hound)
Ameko Carroll (Ghost Boy)
Max Charles (Joseph)
Tim Conway (Deputy Sniffer)
Jennifer Cox (Mrs. Carroll)
Robert Vince
Anna McRoberts