Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids (2011)

Length:87.7 minutes
Rating:R16 Offensive language, drug use and sexual content that may offend
Ed Helms stars in this upbeat comedy as Tim Lippe, a naïve insurance salesman from a small Midwest town. When Tim heads to the '??big city'? of Cedar Rapids for a convention, he finds himself at odds with Dean, the ultimate party animal (John C. Reilly). Soon, Tim realizes he can'??t beat Dean, so he joins him - crashing parties, skinny-dipping in the hotel pool and being seduced by a sexy soccer mom!
IMDB Rating6.2/10 stars from 35948
ActorsEd Helms (Tim Lippe)
John C. Reilly (Dean Ziegler)
Anne Heche (Joan Ostrowski-Fox)
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Ronald Wilkes)
Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Ronald Wilkes)
Stephen Root (Bill Krogstad)
Kurtwood Smith (Orin Helgesson)
Miguel Arteta
Jim Burke
Alexander Payne
Jim Taylor