Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

Length:102.4 minutes
Rating:R16 Violence, sexual violence and offensive language
In her stunning feature film debut, Elizabeth Olsen delivers an electrifying, star-is-born performance in this gripping psychological thriller. After escaping from a dangerous cult and the watchful eye of its charismatic leader (John Hawkes), a young woman named Martha (Olsen) tries to reclaim a normal life with her family. But the haunting memories from Martha'??s past trigger a chilling paranoia '?? and nowhere seems safe as the fragile line between her reality and delusions begin to blur.
IMDB Rating6.9/10 stars from 49815
ActorsElizabeth Olsen (Martha)
Christopher Abbott (Max)
Brady Corbet (Watts)
Hugh Dancy (Ted)
Maria Dizzia (Katie)
Julia Garner (Sarah)
Sean Durkin
Josh Mond
Antonio Campos
Chris Maybach
Patrick Cunningham