The Mistle-Tones

The Mistle-Tones (2012)

Length:87.6 minutes
Rating:PG Mild coarse language
Holly is all set to audition for the newly vacated spot in The Snow Belles, a legendary local Christmas group that was founded by her late mother. Shocked and upset when the slot goes to the barely talented best friend of the group's leader, Marci, Holly sets out to create her own musical group, The Mistle-Tones, and challenges her rivals to a Christmas Eve sing-off.
IMDB Rating6.6/10 stars from 1987
ActorsTia Mowry (Holly)
Jonathan Patrick Moore (Nick)
Jonathan Moore (Nick)
Andy Gala (AJ)
Megan Kathleen Duffy (Bernie)
Megan Duffy (Bernie)
Jason Rogel (Larry)
Tammy Townsend (Grace)
Paul Hoen
Matias Alvarez