Flicka: Country Pride

Flicka: Country Pride (2012)

Length:92.9 minutes
Rating:G The content is very mild in impact
When Toby takes on a managing job at a boarding stable with Flicka in tow, the owner'??s teenage daughter, Kelly, quickly bonds with the wild horse. Kelly, a budding equestrian rider, would love to break Flicka for her team'??s competition, however, her mother Lindy doesn'??t want to get her hopes up as their stable may soon be for sale. With the competition coming up and a rival trainer stealing business, Toby steps in to train Kelly'??s team and save the stable.
ActorsClint Black (Toby)
Lisa Hartman Black (Lindy)
Kacey Rohl (Kelly)
Lily Pearl Black (Nina)
Teryl Rothery (Paige)
Siobhan Williams (Stephanie)
Michael Damian
Connie Dolphin