Disney Bad Hair Day

Disney Bad Hair Day (2015)

Length:92.5 minutes
After a night of testing different hair styles, Monica wakes up on prom day to a nightmare...the worst bad hair day ever! Desperate to fix it and with no way to get to the salon, Monica is forced to team up with down-on-her-luck cop Liz, who happens to show up at her door in pursuit of a multimillion dollar necklace. The unlikely pair ultimately discover that they have more in common than they thought as they try to keep the necklace safe from a villainous jewel thief...and get Monica to prom on time.
ActorsLaura Marano (Monica)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Liz)
Christian Campbell (Pierce)
Alain Goulem (Dad)
Christian Paul (Ed)
Kiana Madeira (Sierra)
├?rik Canuel
Fran├žois Sylvestre