Her Infidelity

Her Infidelity (2015)

Length:88.8 minutes
Rating:M Moderate violence and mature themes
Handsome and charming, young teacher Grayson Kendall soon becomes the favorite of his kids and their parents. Lonely housewife Lily Helms grows from appreciating his attention to her son Ash to romantic interest. Assuming Ash's father Peter is cheating on her with his secretary, Lily commits adultery at home, only to find she was wrong. Grayson however won't give her and 'fathering' Ash up, despite other interested mothers, and goes to surprising lengths to do so. Nobody believes her that Grayson is stalking her, and that he has a dark, traumatic past.
IMDB Rating3.6/10 stars from 489
ActorsRachel Hunter (Lily)
Clayton Chitty (Grayson)
Miranda Frigon (Ellie)
Chelan Simmons (Courtney)
Lane Edwards (Peter)
Loretta Walsh (Wendy)
Directed Bys
Christie Will