Tini - The New Life of Violetta

Tini - The New Life of Violetta (2016)

Length:100.3 minutes
Rating:G Very mild themes
Violetta (Martina "Tini" Stoessel) returns from a worldwide tour to unexpected news. Finding herself at a crossroads, she is forced to question everything. Trying to find her inner voice and follow her own path, she accepts a spontaneous invitation to travel halfway across the world in search of answers. Over one endless summer in a beautiful Italian coastal town bursting with creativity, Violetta embarks on a journey of self-discovery that sparks an artistic, musical and personal awakening. As her past, present and future collide, Violetta discovers her true self and transforms into Tini, the woman and artist she was destined to become. In Tini: The New Life of Violetta, a new star will be born in an inspirational coming-of-age story that paves the way for an exciting new future.
ActorsMartina Stoessel (Tini)
Adrián Salzedo (Caio)
Jorge Blanco (León Vargas)
Georgina Amorós (Eloisa)
Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila Ferro)
Leonardo Cecchi (Saúl)
Juan Buscarini
Juan Pablo Buscarini