Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday (2018)

Length:92.8 minutes
In Disney'??s madcap musical comedy about a body-swapping mother and daughter, Ellie is a feisty sixteen-year-old trying to assert her independence. Katherine is a stressed mom who can'??t understand her stubborn teenager. There'??s a big confrontation when Katherine won'??t allow Ellie to join '??The Hunt,'?Ł an all-night scavenger quest. When they both angrily wish each other could see things her way, the power of an hourglass causes them to magically switch bodies. Now they must spend the day in each other'??s shoes while they hunt down the matching hourglass so they can change back to their true selves.
IMDB Rating3.7/10 stars from 1129
ActorsCozi Zuehlsdorff (Ellie Blake)
Heidi Blickenstaff (Katherine Blake)
Jason Maybaum (Fletcher Blake)
Alex D├ęsert (Mike Harper)
Ricky He (Adam)
Kahyun Kim (Torrey Min)
Steve Carr
Lisa Towers