Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri

Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri (2019)

Length:23.1 minutes
The lives of the Secret Warriors are turned upside down when faced with their latest mission: hang out with Shuri, the Crown Princess of Wakanda, and show her what it'??s like to be an ordinary teenager. But nothing'??s ordinary when you're dealing with one of the smartest and most famous people on the planet.
IMDB Rating4.5/10 stars from 194
ActorsDee Bradley Baker (Tippy-Toe)
Dee Baker (Tippy-Toe)
Dove Cameron (Gwen Stacy)
Jessica DiCicco (Zoe Zimmer)
Skai Jackson (Gloria Grant)
Kathreen Khavari (Kamala Khan)
Daisy Lightfoot (Shuri)
Chris Rutkowski
Kenneth T. Ito
Kenneth Ito
Howard Schwartz