Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky (2019)

Length:125.7 minutes
Rating:M Coarse language and sex
Natalie Portman and John Hamm star in this captivating drama inspired by true events ripped from the headlines. After star astronaut Lucy Cola (Portman) earns a coveted spot in a NASA mission, she'??s moved by the transcendence of being in space. But when she returns to earth, her everyday life feels too small. Soon, she engages in a reckless love triangle that threatens her career and her sanity.
IMDB Rating4.8/10 stars from 6127
ActorsNatalie Portman (Lucy Cola)
Jon Hamm (Mark Goodwin)
Zazie Beetz (Erin Eccles)
Dan Stevens (Drew Cola)
Pearl Amanda Dickson (Blue Iris)
Ellen Burstyn (Nana Holbrook)
Noah Hawley
John Cameron
Bruna Papandrea
Reese Witherspoon