Be Water

Be Water (2020)

Length:96.7 minutes
'??Be Water'? is a harrowing documentary chronicling the life of legendary actor and martial arts master, Bruce Lee. After being rejected from Hollywood, Lee returned to his parent'??s homeland, Hong Kong, where he'??d complete four iconic films in just two years of a short career when he died at the age of 32. '??Be Water'? takes a look at Lee'??s early life in San Francisco, the son of a Chinese opera star, and troubled childhood in Hong Kong. At the age of 18, Lee established a following in Seattle by teaching Kung Fu, where he would meet his future wife Linda. When Hollywood was not ready for an Asian leading man, Lee would return to Hong Kong and become an international superstar. A trove of interviews and archival film footage illustrates the tapestry of Lee'??s charisma, passion, philosophy, and dedication to his art.
IMDB Rating7.4/10 stars from 939
DirectorBao Nguyen